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Online Reputation Management

We are in an era where brands are created as well tarnished on digital platforms. Every action on digital media matters. A bad reputation hampers business and discolors brand’s identity and image. Online reputation management is not only related to what we hear or understand but also includes controlling malicious Content and negative videos, blogs etc

A brand’s image is ‘what people think and talk about’.If people would say bad things about you or your company, would your customers want to reach out to you? Never! A bad online reputation can really harm the business’s objectives in a long run. So Online Reputation Management services is very important for every brand be it a corporate or a retail shop. It helps to shape up the public perception of people, organization, investors etc.

More About Digital is the pioneers of online reputation management services and understand the very importance of this very well. We help corporates, individuals, politicians and even retailers in managing their Reputation Online and make a good digital brand. Our team of experts help the clients to take control social and search results and showcase a better and positive brand by monitoring & tracking of negative content presented online and building on the positives.

The overall process of maintaining online reputation includes:

  • Social media profile management with complete information
  • Tracking & Monitoring brand mentions using free and paid tools
  • Checking negative contents and taking corrective actions
  • Deindexing Negative links and addition of new content
  • Track and remove spammy links
  • Permanent Cleaning of Contents/Videos/Blogs.