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May 10, 2019

Lookalike Audience targeting now available in LinkedIn also

After the success of lookalike audience on facebook and similar audience on Google, it the time for LinkedIn to open Lookalike audience targeting for B2B advertisers. Not only that, LinkedIn has also added interest-based targeting which will be based on Bing search data and 20 odd B2B audience templates for the advertisers.

Lookalike audience and interest-based targeting capability is a welcome move seeing the success of other such audience capabilities on other social media platforms. New capabilities are still under testing face though but will be very readily available to all the advertisers.

This new audiences set will allow advertisers to target and select LinkedIn members that have the same behavior and interests like the advertiser’s “ideal customer” based on their similarity to the advertiser’s existing customers, website visitors and target accounts.

“We used interest targeting on our brand awareness campaigns and we are extremely satisfied with the results so far,” said Matt Campbell, multi-channel marketing specialist for SAS Institute.

One of the interesting turns around is the usage of Bing search data for interest targeting. After launching interest targeting two months back, LinkedIn is now expanding its interest targeting capability by integrating Microsoft’s Bing search data. Advertisers will be able to target members based not only on their professional interests on LinkedIn, but also the professional topics and content they engage with on Bing.

Customized and Prebuild 200 odd B2B audience templates. This will help the marketers and advertisers in a big way. A lot of time goes into arranging data in right format and manually include skills, companies and job titles data which will be saved by using this efficient template.

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