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April 15, 2019

How to reduce clicks leakage on your Facebook ads?

Facebook ads is the go-to-platform for any digital advertiser. Facebook has seen many folds increase in its revenue over the last 3-4 years threw their ads.

According to the Business Community, “Facebook Ads has 9 percent of the digital ad spending and 18 percent of the global mobile digital ad spending.”

With estimated active facebook users per month touching 1.5 Billion, people are consuming more and more content on facebook than ever. Avg user comes to facebook platform six times in a day spending good 45 minutes of their day. These metrics suggest the quantum of traffic Facebook is driving to advertiser’s websites on everyday basis. But have you ever compared the link clicks data with the Website’s visit data on any of the analytics tool. Be it a free or paid version of Google Analytics or Adobe, every analytical tool suggests a drop of around 35%-40% of drop from a facebook click to website visit.

For instance, if facebook is charging you for $100 clicks at a CPC of $6, there will only be 60 odd clicks resulting into a website click. Yes, this is true and happening with many of the advertisers. In this scenario, the actual CPC would be $10 not a believed CPC of $6. So, all your calculations around the cost would go for a toss. Metrics like ACOS, Cost per transaction and cost per new user acquisition would eventually be 40% high compare to the believed numbers.

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