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August 8, 2019

How to do company level targeting on LinkedIn?

When businesses make a strategy for Social Media, they are more focussed on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because these platforms have a wide reach of audience. Are they missing something? Yes, what about LinkedIn? Knowingly, there is are tons of differences between LinkedIn audiences and audiences on platforms like Facebook. However, do you know people on LinkedIn have twice the buying power vs audiences on other platforms. LinkedIn targeting lets you connect people on the basis of their Job profile, Industry, Company size.

LinkedIn is quite different from the rest of social media because it’s specifically designed for businesses and professionals. People on LinkedIn mainly use the platform to showcase their job experience and professional knowledge. Hence, making it one of the more important platforms to use for those in B2B.


Advertising on LinkedIn lets you connect with the over 500 million users, out of which 80 % are responsible for business decisions. You can target people by experience, education, and Company using LinkedIn advanced targeting options.

LinkedIn Ad Targeting Options

You can Target Audience on LinkedIn on the following basis :

  1. Location
  2. Company
  3. Demography
  4. Education
  5. Job experience, Job function
  6. Interest

There are tons of ways you can find the right audiences by combining these targeting options. However, as part of this blog, we will focus on the most important targeting option that differentiates LinkedIn from all the other social media channels that are Company Level Targeting on LinkedIn

Within the Company level targeting, there are multiple options on which you can target people like:

  • Company Name

  • Company Industry

  • Company Size

  • Company Connections

  • Company Followers

To use these targeting facets, your Ads account must be associated with your LinkedIn Page. Let’s explore all these options in detail:

1-Company Name-

By this option you can reach people by the name of the organization on which user lists as his or her employer. These are based on LinkedIn Pages, which are maintained by company employees.

2-Company Industry-

This option allows you to reach people on basis of industry of the company where the member is employed.

3-Company Size-

This option allows you to reach people based on the size of the organization where they work. Company size is determined by the number of employees listed on the organization’s LinkedIn Page.

4-Company Connection-

This option allows you to reach the 1st-degree connections of employees at companies you select. This is only available for companies with more than 500 employees.

5-Company Followers-

This Option allows you to target your own LinkedIn Page followers. To use this targeting facet, your Ads account must be associated with your LinkedIn Page. If you not utilizing this facet, by default your campaigns may reach both followers and non-followers.


Hope this article will help you do the company level targeting. If you have any query, please enter your question in the comments section. Feel free to Contact us for more details.


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