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July 24, 2019

How Social Media can help Your Business?

Wondering how to use social media for your business? Are you considering Social media a key part of your business strategy? If the answer is YES, you are at the right place to learn more about it. Over 2Billion people are actively using social media platforms across the geographies so as your potential customer and prospects social media should be a part of your business strategy. While you think of your efforts on social media, knowing where to begin is easier said than done. So you need to consult with the experts. 

Following are the ways that you can start using social media to expand and grow your business.


Increase Lead

Biggest advantage of using social media isn’t just the leads but the ability to generate highly qualified leads through advanced targeting. According to a report, around 65% of small businesses are on Social media for generating leads.

Now the question is How to do it?

People come on social media for chill and to have fun. So, your content should match with your follower’s interests. The image that you use should be related to your content and there should be a clear call of action (CTA)to drive users for the intended actions. User-friendly pages and good quality forms for lead capturing also help in increasing lead organically.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Its a debatable question that how Social media can improves a website rank on Google, but the bottom line is social media can improve website ranking.

Question is how?

The Domain Authority (DA) of your website increases when the social media share increases. This leads to an improved search engine ranking of your website. Many users visit your social media profiles before diving to your website for better understanding of your brand before they make a purchase. The more visitor you get from your social media, the more chance you must increase of your website rank.

According to a report, 78% of businesses admit the impact of social media in increasing the Website traffic.If you don’t have a strong Social media presence, you may need to think again and realign your marketing strategy.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Social media is a great way to keep an eye on your competitors. You can see what type of content your Competitors are posting, analyze their strategies and understand their focus areas so as to identify opportunity areas for your business accordingly. Keep in mind you should not copy your competitor content because what works for them might not work for you. So, understand, learn and implement best industry practices for your business.

Develop Trust with Customers

Social Media gives you the opportunity to build trust with customers and develop a loyal customer. If your brand develops a strong loyalty with the customer, there is a good chance to have strong repeat business month on month. Brands like Jeep and Royal Infield have a huge no of loyal customers that help them in spreading the word and creates a strong brand. Loyal customer generally does ‘’word of mouth’’ marketing for you. This is the next level of marketing and no marketing channel can compete with Word of mouth marketing.

Now that we know social media can be used for developing a loyal fan base, let’s see how it can be done.

Content is king. Be it regular updates on social channels or blogging on your website. Be authentic, unique, relatable, and engaging to your audience.

Brand Recognition

For any business, brand recognition is the main goal. People prefer to purchase from brands they recognize. Compare it with traditional media, social media can put your brand in front of your targeted audience faster and easier. Social Media gets your audience to think about your company, even when they’re not.

There is one thing to remind not all types of content or strategies will work for your company. Test each one, learn from your own, and continue to make improvements.

Now it’s your turn to include social media in your small business marketing strategies.

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