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July 18, 2019

Google or Facebook! which ad is better for Business ?

Facebook & Google both companies has long standing rivalry and both has significant drivers to grow businesses. Both these advertising platforms typically operate on a pay-per-click basis. When you create an ad on either of these platforms, you suppose to enter into an auction then place a bid for how much you want to pay for that ad. However, you’ll be charged a certain amount of money depending on the multiple factors that their algorithms decide. Facebook and Google both platforms have a lot of commonalities, but at the same time have many significant differences that will determine the best platform for your business. But since time and money is limited, you should decide which platform is best for your business accordingly.

Difference between Facebook ads & Google Adwords

Google Adwords and Facebook ads manager both operate on a Pay-per click basis, howeverGoogle adwordsprimarily support keywords targeting (specific words and phrases entered by users in Search engine) more compare to audience level targeting. Though select audienceon the basis of gender, location, age and other factors is highly possible. Google adwords can be used to advertise on

  • Google Search, Shopping
  • Google Display Network
  • Youtube
  • Google Maps
  • Google Play

On the other hand, Facebook ads are primarily based on audience level targeting. Also, with limited reach of Facebook’sorganic post, it has become difficult for brands to get in front of potential customers organically. With Facebook Ads, brands can reach out to their target audience on the basis of demographics, interests and behavior. Facebook ads can be used to advertise on

  • Facebook News Feed
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network
  • Facebook Messenger

Which is best for You?


Now question is which one is best for you?You can choose the Right platform for the advertisement of your Business on following basis :


Google as an advertising platform own immense reach.  Every second Google handles more than 40,000 search queries, a total of more than 1.2 trillion web searches in a Year.  Facebook also has global vast audience with more than 1.55 BILLION monthly active users (more than 1/5 of the entire world’s population). Both Google and Facebook have enormous reach.So question is how you select the right platform on which your audience exist? For this, you should ask these question to yourself

  1. Is my target user active on these networks?
  2. Is my product search-oriented?


Cost & ROI

Average CPC of Google adwords is $2.6, varies across industries and geographies. Some Industry wise CPCs are the following :

Industry CPC
Advocacy $1.43
Auto $2.46
B2B $3.33
E commerce $1.16
Real Estate $2.37
Technology $3.80
Health& Medical $2.62


On the other hand, Facebook ads has $0.45 as an average CPC, which is way inexpensive to adwords CPC.Industry wise CPC of Facebook are following.

Industry CPC
Auto $2.24
Healthcare $1.32
B2B $2.52
Real Estate $1.81


Average CPA of Facebook ads is only $18.68.On the other hand, Google adwords average CPA is $48.96.

Google ads are more expensive than to Facebook ads. So highly competitive pricing makes Facebook Ads very affordable as well as effective at same time to small businesses. Facebook Ads are one of the best-value online advertising solutions available today. Facebook is great for building awareness, but Google Ads is best to reach users at the time of purchasing decisions because people clicking your Google Ads may be later in the buying cycle.

Intent of Buyer

Facebook ads are less effective than to Google adwords when it comes to convert a lead quickly. People generally go to social media for relax and chilling not for the shopping.  Facebook is still useful for building audience. If you can create recognition and awareness in a community around your brand on social media, people will be more likely to buy when they need your service or product. If objective of your campaign is to create awareness, facebook is the best option but if you want to create some lead then Google has the upper hand on facebook.

Targeting option

You can equally target or retarget the specific audience by the given option (Age,gender,location,income level, etc) on the both Platform but on Facebook you can be very specific with your audience.Facebook allows you to create audiences based on a large list of interests and behaviors, thanks to the wealth of information they collect from their 2 billion monthly users.So If your targeted audience is very niche then facebook has a upper hand on Google Adwords.

Which Platform Should You Choose?

So, which one is better for your business Google Ads or Facebook Ads? To decide you have to ask yourself some questions. The question might be What is your high-level objective? Generate sale or generate awareness. What is your targeted audience? Are your targeted audience has intend?What is your targeted industry? And last but not the least, what is your Budget for advertisement?

After getting these answers, you can choose easily which platform is right for you.

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