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March 29, 2019

3 SEO Recommendations That No Advertiser Should Miss

Search Engine Optimization is an always improving and ever-changing field. One of the main concerns that have been associated with SEO from the beginning is define the clear expectation and measure the impact. For many of the marketers, it’s the search rank that matters whereas for some it’s the ultimate traffic to website while some are still evaluating the ROI of the increase in traffic from SEO.

With Google keep changing and modifying its search engine algorithm, its important for advertisers to be aware of the latest trends and do the expected. Here’s the top five persistent SEO recommendations that every marketer and advertiser should follow.

This list is short but very impactful if rightly implemented. Hopefully marketers would appreciate this and might be useful to them and their clients.

1. Content Structuring
Google crawlers are the machines and machines love patterns. They move in a systematic, structured path throughout the website as well as on a page. Like a librarian, who places books and other study material into different shelves and different rooms in a structured way with proper coding. Every code is unique and helps a librarian to reach out to any book at any instant easily.

Similarly, different structured data will be required for different sites and pages within the site. Structured data makes it easier and faster for the search engine crawlers to read the information within and across the pages. If applied correctly, it will make quite a positive impact on all the website pages.

2. Refresh, Refresh and Refresh
Refresh your website content and data as quickly as possible. Google always give preference to updated data and your page’s freshness matters. Also there are many factors other than the updated date that Google checks on regular basis and confirm whether the website data is updated or outdated. So, by simply changing the date on a page is not enough. However, this used to be one of the easiest ways earlier to indicate Google how fresh your page is.

This rule applies to all the blogs, articles and news, but it’s also relevant for product pages related to. There have been many researches that clearly shows the impact of refresh. After the content update, results shows improved ranking on Search Engine Result Pages results, which doubled impressions and CTR for many advertisers.

3. Cross Sell and Up sell your pages – Internal linking
Depth is one parameter that is of very high importance to Google. Knowledge and content reach within a category and across categories are high recommended. Linking your one page to the other and created multiple links on one page keeps the juice flow across the website. Think of it like a water tank having multiple pipes supplying water across the houses. Links (pipes) across the pages keep the links and flows the right amount of juice to every page.

For instance, linking to all categories and sub categories from homepage could be the best user experience. This helps the user as well as the Google Crawler to discover and reach the pages in the fastest way possible. This will also impact the amount of equity the page is sending to all the pages it links to.

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